I’ll get right on that!

This conversation actually happened.

ME: Ok so it looks like the exchange cluster is having some capacity issues they have some people working on it, and that is why some people can get on and some people cant. It is getting worked on as we speak, and I think they’ll have it working again soon.

Stupid Person : Well can you send out an email so that people know why they cant access the server?

Me : Silence (internal dialogue, their joking right… I mean I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this person tie their own laces so they can actually be this stupid.)

Stupid Person : Well?

Me : I cant send out the email, because I cant connect to the server, and even if I could the people affected by it couldn’t get the email.

Stupid Person : What do you mean?

Me : Try turning off and then on again, that might help…


Not going to lie. I pretty much finished all my work about an hour ago. I have most of tomorrows done by this stage. I could really use a beer.

How to Kill a Vampire

Look im not saying i have all the answers. I’m just saying. If you leave a millennia old vampire staked to a wall and walk away from him without cutting his head off dousing him in holy water and burning his body then spreading the ashes in running water, what are you doing ?

I mean really? Are you Vampire hunter or are you just here for the tight pants? Of course he’s going to get back up when your back is turned, he’s an ancient evil, that views you with the same passion you reserve for a really good burger.

Look im not saying that you’re not trying. Top marks for effort, its an A on effort, really! I just have to ask, have you thought about how long you want to do this? Is this really your career path. Maybe we can find something for you in admin because, mate, I have to tell you. You made some elementary mistakes back there, like.. not killing the vampire, and i don’t know if you can cut it.

No really. I don’t know if you can cut it, like cut its head off. Because you didn’t try. Also i don’t know if you can do the job properly.

We dont want you to think about this as getting fired. We want you to think about this as a chance to find something you really love to do… you know properly. Then do it… somewhere else.

Drinking with the boys

Drinking at the civic pub of all places. I avoided this place this I broke up with Nat because this is her pub. Doesn’t seem like she is here. Don’t know if I’m happy or sad about that.


Ps no video clip cause I’m posting from my phone